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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the greatest challenges in modern medicine. Often referred to as the ‘slow-burning pandemic’, AMR is estimated to cause 700,000 deaths annually. This statistic does not consider deaths among animals and the impact AMR has on our food system and the environment. To preserve the effectiveness of these therapies, we must change our use behaviors to limit the unnecessary use of these treatments. This webinar highlights the universal challenge of AMR and shines a light on critical issues that must be addressed quickly. Attendees will hear from experts in the AMR field, and user-submitted questions will be answered by AMR experts who operate the ProMED-AMR infectious disease surveillance network. Specific topics addressed throughout the presentation include the global impact of AMR, AMR and the One Health Paradigm, AMR in the veterinary community, AMR surveillance, and AMR in the era of ‘big data.

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